Automatische stations

Automatische stations

-DMR Repeater BM 206002 438,93750Mhz (-7,6) cc1
-Winlink node: ON0SEA-10 (438.175 MHz 1200 Bd)

– FM Repeater 438.725 MHz (-7.6) ctcss 79.7)

– Winlink AP node: ON0ZBR-10 (144.850 MHz 1200 Bd)
– DMO Tetra Repeater 430.0375 TalkGroup 2061 (in aanvraag)

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Welcome to the UBA “Beacons – Repeaters – Packet” pages. These are the web resource for the unmanned amateur radio stations, both analogue and digital. It is maintained by Filip ON4PC, the “Unmanned Stations” Manager of the UBA and is the only official site giving full and updated details.

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