-Aprs node: (144.800MHz 1200 Bd)
-DMR Repeater BM 206002 438,93750Mhz (-7,6) cc1
-Hampager Transmitter Dapnet 439,98750Mhz
-Winmor node: ON0SEA-10 10.1427 MHz
-Winlink node: ON0SEA-10 (438.175 MHz 1200 Bd)


– FM Repeater 438.725 MHz (-7.6) ctcss 79.7)


ON0ZBR (in aanvraag)
– Winlink AP node: ON0ZBR-10 (144.850 MHz 1200 Bd)
– Hampager Transmitter Dapnet 439,98750Mh


Beacons – Repeaters – Packet
Welcome to the UBA “Beacons – Repeaters – Packet” pages. These are the web resource for the unmanned amateur radio stations, both analogue and digital. It is maintained by Filip ON4PC, on4pc@uba.be the “Unmanned Stations” Manager of the UBA and is the only official site giving full and updated details.
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