ILW 2020

The International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW) will hold its 23rd annual operating event in 2020 a week later than usual.┬áThe event is usually held on the third full weekend in August, but this year, that date coincides with the 75th anniversary of the cessation of hostilities in the Pacific during World War II. “The organizers of the event have decided it would be inappropriate to hold the ILLW event on the third full weekend of August next year, as many stations will be involved in commemorating the important anniversary of VP day, especially those bordering and within the Pacific Rim,” said ILLW Organizer and Webmaster Kevin Mulcahy, VK2CE. “We trust this temporary move to August 22 – 23 will not inconvenience anyone.” Mulcahy said this year’s 22nd annual event “was again very successful,” with 426 stations in 50 countries, plus others who did not register participating. “Several new countries and lighthouses were listed this year,” he reported